Frequent questions by holiday guests

How can I find and book as suitable holiday home?
Simply use our search function on our website and fill in the destination of your choice, your travel dates and the number of travellers. You directly receive an overview of holiday apartments, which suit your search characteristics. By using the filters for your individual needs on the left side, you can specify your search and receive even more relevant results for yourself. When you have found your dream holiday home, you can contact the owner directly – either by the request form or via phone. The final booking is made between you and the owner and as such is he your direct contract partner for the booking.
Can you offer a holiday apartment to me directly?
A non-binding booking request – how does it work?
Where can I find an offer, e.g. a „last-minute“ offer?
Why do some advertisements not include a booking plan?
I don’t receive a reply to my booking request – what can I do?
What is the meaning of „price upon request“ in the list of search results?
With whom do I make the contract for my booking?
Can I buy a travel cancellation insurance at Traum-ferienwohnungen?
How can I cancel a booking?
What is a holiday guest account?
Why can I not find an advertisement anymore on the portal?
How do I delete objects from my wish list?
How can I unsubscribe from the holiday guest newsletter?

Support for holiday guests

For all questions please contact us via email.

Or call our lovely colleagues Arlet and Sarah.

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