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The global corona pandemic affects our everyday life and confronts us with many new challenges. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared a health crisis of international concern and therefore, the opportunity to travel is limited. It is important to always be informed about the current situation. We follow the announcements of international and national governments and health authorities. Please also inform yourself. Before you book your holiday or start your journey you should check official sources for possible travel restrictions.

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Holidays in Rügen

You'll find 304 holiday houses & holiday apartments on Rügen on this site. Discover Jasmund National Park, Cape Arkona and the seaside resorts Binz and Sellin!

Selected holiday homes and apartments in Rügen

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  • 120 m²
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  • 120 m²
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  • 120 m²
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  • 120 m²
xx 355 €
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Holiday regions in Rügen

Offers in Rügen

Here you can find 2 Last Minute offers and 7 All deals for holiday homes and apartments in Rügen.

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  • 120 m²
xx 255 €
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  • 120 m²
xx 152 €
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  • 120 m²
xx 327 €
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  • 120 m²
xx 431 €
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Popular regions and cities in Rügen

Vacation apartments in Rügen low priced by private

Rügen is not only Germany's largest island, but also one of the most popular holiday destinations in the country. The famous piers and classical architecture is to be found in the South-East of Rügen, that is why holiday apartments in Sellin or Binz are this popular. There are also wonderful conditions for a beach holiday at the Baltic Sea in the North of the island, the beach of the Schaabe between Glowe and Breege is especially recommended.

Nowadays, every visitor is simply amazed by the chalk cliffs at Jasmund National Park - just as Caspar David Friedrich once was. A holiday apartment in Sassnitz is the perfect destination for trips there, to the Colossus of Prora or Cape Arkona which is the northernmost spot in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. To the west, Rügen borders the Western Pomerania Lagoon Area National Park with its unique nature, and the neighbouring island Hiddensee is another popular destination. All these attractions will make your holiday on Rügen an unforgettable experience.

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