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995 holiday houses & holiday apartments in the Netherlands - enjoy your holiday at the North Sea, the IJsselmeer, in Holland, Zeeland or Friesland!

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  • 120 m²
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Vacation apartments in Netherlands low priced by private

There are no mountains or hills but visitors will find everything else in the Netherlands: endless beaches, lovely medieval towns, national parks and - of course - windmills! A holiday apartment in Amsterdam is ideal for those who want to discover the unique ambiance in the country's capital. Water sportsmen find perfect conditions at the IJsselmeer. Along the coast, there are numerous holiday parks for guests, e. g. in popular seaside resorts such as Julianadorp, Callantsoog and Domburg.

The West Frisian Islands are another favoured destination, holiday-makers can enjoy their well-earned beach holiday on Texel or Ameland. The wonderful Dutch landscape with the many canals is best discovered by "fiets" (bicycle). An excellent cycling track network makes bicycle tours in the Netherlands a certain pleasure. Cosy holiday houses in Zeeland and Friesland are available to relax after an extended bike tour to have delicious soused herring or Poffertjes.

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